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The Summit is over. The work continues.

Expanding the Discussion

To manage effectively our resources, efforts, and outcomes; solid waste managers and industry leaders need to speak the same language about the same materials.  The Measurement Matters Summit convened in Downtown Chattanooga in the Marriott Event Center.  It brought the top leaders and professionals in solid waste management, trade organizations, and industry to break new ground in understanding and defining measurement in materials management.

Who Attended?

  • National and State Program Managers
  • Local Government Solid Waste and Public Works Managers
  • Trade Organizations
  • Professional Organizations
  • End-users of recovered materials
  • Scrap buyers and brokers
  • Recycling business managers

Be a Part of this National Collaboration

Meet with industries and professional organizations. Connect with hundreds of professionals from industries that have interest in measurement. 

State professionals that provide oversight to materials management systems in their states should not miss this opportunity to provide input and direction to this national effort.

Discuss material data capture, analysis, and how to use it to reform, improve, and change public policy.  As professionals, gain understanding on the essentials of emerging technologies in measurement.  Learn how to protect your program from loss of funding using data.  

State professionals can also:

  • Learn new reporting strategies
  • Network with other state program managers
  • Join colleagues in defining a consistent methodology and definition that allows each state’s data to benchmark seamlessly with others. This benefit will strengthen state’s programs and help support or justify new directions.

Agenda Summary

Day 1 – State Data Collection Discussion

  • Examples of how participating states improved waste and recycling programs through better metrics.
  • Break through barriers to reporting within the State Measurement Program (SMP) system and measuring program’s performance.
  • Enhance the quality of the currently reported data, demonstrate power and value of the SMP system and what non-participants are missing.
  • Present the business case for local governments to invest in local SMM initiatives.

Day 2 – Engaging Improvement  

  • Identify new metrics for success.
  • Harmonizing a System of Measurement: A Look at set aside and capture rates, characterization studies, recycling and diversion rates, waste sorts, economic impact studies, labeling, and many more!
  • Incorporate Community, Industry & Material Recovery Facility essentials for better materials management.

Day 3 – Building an action plan and timetable.

Additional Educational Opportunities and Events

Technical Tours

Monday, February 26 offers two tours in the morning and two tours in the afternoon. Tours require a separate registration and are on a first-come, first-filled basis.  Learn more.


Networking Reception

Join in a networking opportunity after the Summit’s sessions Wednesday evening at the Tennessee Aquarium sponsored by the Tennessee Used Oil Recycling Program.  More information coming shortly.

Sponsors and Exhibit hall

Speak directly with those industries that support a uniform system to measure the progress our country is making in materials management.  Lock in your sponsorship and exhibit space today!

Can't Attend? LiveStream the Summit

LiveStream registration has closed.  Want to find out what’s going on? We’ll be posting a recap shortly!

US EPA Region 4 State's Manager's Meeting

February 26-March 1 at the Downtown Marriott Hotel and the TDEC field offices. Separate registration required.

Continuing Education Units

Ask at the Measurement Matters registration area for copies of the form.