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The Inaugural Summit is over. The work continues.

Upcoming Workshop October 22, 2018 at the Resource Recycling Conference in St. Louis

Measurement Matters – Strategies for Moving Forward
2:00 – 5:00 pm
free to attend / Resource Recycling Conference registration required

Measurement is an essential element of effective program management at the local, state, and national levels. This workshop continues the measurement dialogue that has been underway for the last 6 years through the State Measurement Program (SMP) and culminated in the national “Measurement Matters Summit” that took place this last February in Tennessee. An update on the 2016 SMP results (including 5 year trends) will be provided as well as an overview of other current measurement initiatives. Building on the success of the Summit, workshop participants will be given an opportunity to further define and develop a measurement strategy that will help industry stakeholders align their efforts and improve their programs. An in-depth presentation describing the new Municipal Measurement Program will also be provided.

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Daily Highlights from the Inaugural Summit

Expanding the Discussion

To manage effectively our resources, efforts, and outcomes; solid waste managers and industry leaders need to speak the same language about the same materials.  The Measurement Matters Summit convened in Downtown Chattanooga in the Marriott Event Center.  It brought the top leaders and professionals in solid waste management, trade organizations, and industry to break new ground in understanding and defining measurement in materials management.